Smartbottle® is the first clear, refillable, reusable BPA free, dishwasher safe, FDA approved, cost effective and lightweight plastic/beverage bottle

Smartbottle® provides you with delicious clean water every time from either your filtered municipal water source at home or from your Smartbottle® Filtered Water System.

Smartbottle® imparts a smooth water taste with no metallic or tinny tastes that come from metal water containers.

Smartbottle® can be seen to be completely clean after coming out of the dishwasher unlike metal water containers which are dark and cannot show what is in the metal water container.

Smartbottle® smells clean and not like metal containers that often have an off-smell which is caused by the growth of mold in the bottom of the container.

Protecting the environment and saving you money, one sip at a time!

The first clear, refillable, reusable, BPA-FREE, Dishwasher safe, FDA approved, cost-effective and lightweight plastic water/beverage bottle. One Smartbottle® can replace 365 single-use plastic bottles in a year average use of one bottle per day. If reused 365 times Smartbottle® eliminates approximately 15.67 lbs of usually non recyclable PET plastic from landfills.

*Suggested retail price: $1.25-$1.75

Smartbottle® Facts

Smartbottle® has a one year warranty if washed or sanitized in a dishwasher properly. Metal bottles are often made in China and are instructed to hand wash and not put in a dishwasher. Smartbottle® is convenient as it can be put in a dishwasher at the same time as all of your dishwashing.

Smartbottle® is light, weighing only 19.5 g to 40 g compared with many metal containers which weigh as much as 700 g or more, and when filled can weigh up to 2 1/2 pounds.

Smartbottle® is inexpensive costing between $1.25 to $1.75 each compared with metal containers which cost often as high as $40 each.

Smartbottle® is designed and manufactured in Richmond Hill Ontario Canada under strict sanitary and FDA approved regulations and is not imported from China.

Smartbottle® eliminates for the 250ml and 500ml approximately 15.67 pounds of usually non-recyclable PET plastic from going into landfills based on a 19.5 g PET bottle and the Smartbottle being used 365 times. For the 600ml, Smartbottle eliminates approximately 20 pounds of usually non-recyclable PET plastic from going into landfills.

Smartbottle®, once you feel it is time for discarding, will go into the recycle box, recycling number five, and can be reused for shampoo bottles, car parts, phone parts and many other polypropylene applications.

Smartbottle® provides a filter system attachment, and inexpensive separate filters, to your water source that further eliminates 1500 one way throwaway PET bottles of water.

Smartbottle® filter system provides an activated carbon filter which will give you cleaner, clearer, and better tasting drinking and cooking water. It is ideal for improving any water supply that has noticeable chlorine tastes and odors.

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